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The role of negligence in a Mississippi car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Car Wrecks

When a driver’s irresponsible or dangerous actions lead to an accident, their choices can cause significant harm to people injured in that accident. However, for those injured people to get the financial and medical support they need, they may need to prove the driver’s negligence. What should injured people and their loved ones know about negligence in car accidents?

How does Mississippi law handle fault in a collision?

In Mississippi, drivers whose actions lead to a crash are liable for the damage that their negligence caused. This may include the cost of medical care for injured people or damage done to property in the crash.

Mississippi law assigns damages in a car accident case based on how much each driver’s actions contributed to the crash. As a result, an injured person will receive less financial support from their claim if the court determines that they were also negligent than they would if fault lay entirely with the other driver.

How is negligence defined after a collision?

In order to hold a driver legally responsible for their part in an accident, an injured person must show that they were negligent. This depends on several different elements:

  • That person had a duty to care for the safety of the injured person
  • They failed to uphold that duty
  • That failure caused the accident
  • The accident led to injuries or other damage

To prove these details, injured people and their attorneys may present a variety of evidence to the court. This evidence could include police reports, photographs of the scene, medical records that illustrate injuries, witness statements and other documentation.

If you or a loved one experienced harm as a result of another person’s negligence, you may want to explore whether a personal injury claim can help you get the support your need.