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What protects those hurt by a drunk driver in Mississippi?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2023 | Car Wrecks

No one in Mississippi gets their driver’s license without first learning about how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel after drinking. Alcohol education is a mandatory part of driver’s education, and there are also public awareness campaigns that put billboards up next to highways and run advertisements on the local radio that help to remind motorists of their initial learnings.

Every motorist should, therefore, be well aware of the legal limits concerning someone’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the importance of sober driving for the purposes of personal and public safety. Sadly, many people choose to ignore that information, sometimes because they wrongfully assume that they can do safely what others cannot. As a result, those who have had too much to drink cost some of the worst crashes on Mississippi roads every year, leaving people seriously injured and sometimes killing people.

Victims can file an insurance claim

Motorists in Mississippi typically have liability insurance, as state law requires both property damage and injury coverage. The drunk driver who causes the crash will provide coverage that can reimburse those affected by the wreck. The people injured in the crash and not at fault may also be able to use some of their own coverage if they carry extra protection, like underinsured motorist coverage or comprehensive coverage on their policies.

Victims can file a civil lawsuit

Someone hurt by a drunk driver and unable to work could file a lawsuit in Mississippi civil court seeking any damages that insurance wasn’t enough to pay. Years of lost wages and extensive medical costs can contribute to the total value of such a lawsuit. In scenarios where someone dies, their dependent family members might be eligible for compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Occasionally, businesses may have some partial liability under the state’s dram shop liability statute. In extreme cases that involve a violation of liquor codes, a business may have partial responsibility when a patron goes on to cause a crash. Dram shop claims are uncommon, but they can be a beneficial complement to a personal injury claim against a drunk driver or an insurance claim.

Both insurance and claims and civil lawsuits remain options regardless of whether the state prosecutes the intoxicated driver for the crash or not. Learning more about the rights of those who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions can help crash victims to seek rightful repayment for their losses with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.