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Why should you get medical help right after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Firm News

Car accidents are shocking and can confuse anyone involved. After such an event, one of the most important things to do, no matter how minor the crash seems, is to seek medical help. Here are the reasons why getting medical care right away is vital for both your health and any legal issues that might arise.

Identifying hidden injuries

Car accidents can cause injuries that might not show symptoms right away. For example, the headaches, pain or numbness caused by a back injury may not appear right away. The rush of adrenaline during the accident can also hide pain and injuries, making people think they are fine. Thankfully, a doctor may be able to identify the injuries you cannot after a crash.

Helping your recovery

Seeking treatment early can stop injuries from getting worse. This means you might recover faster and get back to your daily life sooner. Also, following through with recommended treatments and rehabilitation can help you recover as fully as possible.

Ensuring you get the financial support you need

Getting medical attention right away can affect how much money you get from insurance after a crash. Detailed records of your injuries and the necessary treatment help accurately calculate what you should receive.

Waiting to get medical attention, on the other hand, could endanger your access to that financial support. In fact, delaying treatment could even be cause for the insurance company to deny your claim entirely.

Documenting the injuries for legal reasons

If you need to make a personal injury claim, having a recent medical record is extremely helpful. When you see a healthcare provider right after an accident, they record details about your injuries and the treatment you got. These medical records are key evidence that connects your injuries to the accident, which is important for getting compensated.

If you wait too long to get medical help, insurance companies might claim that your injuries are not serious. They may also argue that the accident did not cause your injuries.

Peace of mind

Lastly, getting medical attention immediately gives you peace of mind. Knowing that professionals have checked you and you are on your way to recovery can lessen stress and help you focus on getting better. It also reassures your loved ones that you are taking care of yourself.

In conclusion, getting medical help right after a car accident can help you spot and document all the injuries you experience. This can improve the likelihood of getting the support you need and making a full recovery.