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One of the single most incapacitating forms of catastrophic injury that someone can endure is an injury to their brain. Recovering fully from a brain injury – when full recovery is possible – could take months or even years. It is also one of the most costly forms of bodily injury. If you have endured any kind of injury to your brain here in Mississippi, The legal team at the Germany Law Firm PLLC, is ready to advocate for you.

We recognize all of the difficulties that you are going through and what is in store for you down the road, and we know how to manage the complexities of bringing a successful legal claim against the at-fault party. Having an experienced and reputable brain injury attorney fighting for your rights will make a world of difference in your case and give you a much better chance at a favorable outcome.

What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur any time the brain sustains an injury as the result of an external force affecting neurological or psychological health. The consequences of a brain injury can vary greatly from a minor concussion to a coma or even death. The severity of a brain injury is not always immediately apparent. That is why it is imperative for victims to be fully examined by a doctor following an event where head trauma may have occurred. Victims may need to collaborate with several neurological specialists, depending on the seriousness of the injury.

There are two distinct kinds of brain trauma from which a victim can suffer. The first kind of trauma is what is referred to as a “closed head injury.” This happens when the skull has not been penetrated and the brain matter is intact. This trauma is normally the outcome of some form of blunt force trauma. The brain has aggressively moved either forward or side-to-side within the skull, and this motion has caused some degree of bruising and/or bleeding to the brain. This unnatural action is also capable of bursting blood vessels and damaging your nerve cells.

The second form of TBI is an “open head injury,” which happens when your skull and additional internal protective layers have been penetrated, exposing your brain to the open air. While this kind of injury is usually more contained (since the injury is generally only inflicted on a singular area of the brain), it can also easily be fatal or cause irreparable brain damage.

Brain Injury Symptoms And Health Impacts

A traumatic brain injury disrupts the proper workings of the brain itself and also causes the neurotransmitters and neurons to be out of equilibrium. This imbalance can alter the way someone’s body works, as well as drastically change their habits, their actions and their way of thinking. These chemical irregularities might take a few weeks or even several months to repair if they ever revert to normal at all.

The human brain is capable of changing and adapting to different situations, but this adaptation will take time. Constructing a brand new neural pathway is a gradual process, which is one of the primary reasons that the victim’s treatment and rehabilitation have to last for months and even years after a traumatic brain injury has been sustained. The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries fluctuate from one person to another, but there are a few indications that are observed fairly routinely. These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioral effects
  • Shortness of temper
  • Impulsivity
  • Physical effects
  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulties with speech
  • Headaches
  • Hard time focusing/paying attention
  • Difficulty making decisions

As you can imagine, the consequences of a TBI can make it difficult or impossible to work a job, to attend school or even to care for oneself until and unless significant healing has taken place. This is one of the many reasons why brain injury victims need and deserve compensation from the at-fault party.

Diagnosis Takes Time And Diligence

One of the most significant issues when it comes to managing mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury plights is in the actual diagnosis. This kind of injury usually evades discovery, even on the hospital’s top-of-the-line, brand new brain imaging devices. This is particularly accurate in hospital emergency room circumstances because the physician is basically only addressing the patient’s obvious symptoms, those which are clearly front and center, and not thinking at all about long-term medical care or taking the incident as a whole into account. The missed diagnosis leads to a delay in treatment and that delay brings about additional difficulties that could very well make recovering from your brain injury even more challenging than it already was. See our locations also in Jackson and Southaven.

Due to the hidden nature of this injury, victims who are suffering from traumatic brain trauma almost never get timely medical assistance for their mental and physical devastation. In a comprehensive analysis of current traumatic brain injury cases, it is frighteningly common to discover that the brain injury victim’s initial medical charts are entire without any word of “head injury” or “cognitive impairment.”

Those doing the preliminary admittance and examinations are far more interested in stabilizing the injured party and addressing the immediate problems that are immediately visible. It is only after things have calmed down and the patient is stable that a physician might thoroughly assess and diagnose the real source of the injury and finally begin the treatments and procedures that are required for a traumatic brain injury.

Don’t Fight This Battle Alone – We Can Help

A traumatic brain injury could very possibly bring about lasting impacts on the victim’s physical and mental wellbeing, mental capacity, character, temperament, ability to perform work and overall lifestyle. In addition to all of this, these sorts of injuries often demand extended medical attention and recovery for a long time after the initial injury. For these reasons and many more, victims and their families need the help of experienced legal counsel like our firm’s founder, Bob Germany.

When you contact us, we will immediately begin assessing your claim and informing you of your legal options. We make it our mission to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you need for hospital bills, lost wages due to missed work, and pain and suffering. Compensation that the law says you are entitled to collect for your injuries. If you or someone you love has sustained a traumatic brain injury due to the malicious, reckless, or negligent acts of another person, then please reach out to our office in Jackson to schedule a free consultation. Just call 601-812-5524 or submit an online contact form.