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3 permanent injuries that people may struggle with after a crash

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Car Wrecks

Many injuries are temporary. If someone breaks their arm, the bone will eventually heal. The same is true of many other traumatic injuries that people might experience in a car crash. The liability insurance carried by most drivers will usually be enough to cover the basic costs of injuries like broken bones.

Unfortunately, some collisions result in permanent injuries. They result in long-term consequences for the person affected and will likely cost far more than what insurance will pay after a crash. The three injuries explored below are either permanent or may (in the case of TBIs) result in permanent symptoms and often lead to extreme financial strain for the injured party.

Spinal cord injuries

There are many different types of spinal cord injuries. The location of the injury on the spine will determine what symptoms someone has. So will the completeness of the injury. In some cases, those with an incomplete spinal cord injury will recover some degree of motor function and sensation after the initial trauma. However, they will likely still require ongoing medical care, as the damage to the spinal cord will likely be permanent. They will require lifelong Medical Care and could have major income consequences.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

The brain is capable of doing incredible things, but it does not heal well after a traumatic injury. Often, those who develop TBIs will have lifelong symptoms. Treatment options like surgery aim to prevent the worsening of the injury or the progression of the symptoms. Many people will require occupational or physical therapy after a brain injury to regain lost function and adjust to life with their new symptoms.


People can lose a limb or an extremity in a car crash either due to a sudden traumatic injury or such severe injuries that doctors must surgically amputate after the collision. In both scenarios, the people who lose part of their body after a crash will likely have both extensive medical expenses and a significant long-term loss in their earning potential.

Permanent injuries are often more expensive than people initially realize and may require litigation rather than just an insurance claim. Recognizing when a crash requires a more assertive legal response to those responsible because of its long-term impacts may help people more effectively mitigate the consequences of a recent car wreck.